Breakthrough Technology to Deliver Sustained Limus Release for up to 90 days1

MedAlliance has been dedicated to developing innovative drug-eluting balloons (DEBs) for patients suffering from life-threating coronary and peripheral arterial disease.

Using breakthrough proprietary technology that combines the proven safety and efficacy of sirolimus with advanced MicroReservoir and Cell Adherent Technology (CAT™), MedAlliance has found a unique solution to the challenge of controlled and sustained sirolimus release with SELUTION SLR™.

MedAlliance is the first drug-eluting balloon (DEB) company in the world to be awarded US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Breakthrough Device Designation Status which will allow patients timely access to new technologies with the potential to provide safer and more effective treatment.

Cell Adherent Technology (CAT™)
Drug Transfer Efficiency

MicroReservoir Technology


Cell Adherent Technology (CAT™)
3 Step Mechanism of Action

SELUTION SLR Technology Animation

Data References:

    1. Drug concentration evident in MicroReservoirs and tissue – Data on file at M.A. Med Alliance SA.