Med Alliance Announces Strategic Agreement with Kaneka Corporation

2 January 2018 – Swiss-based medical technology company Med Alliance has announced a strategic agreement with Kaneka Corporation, Japan’s leading provider of PTCA balloons. The agreement involves technical collaboration, product licensing, manufacturing and distribution for the Med Alliance sirolimus Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB) in Japan for the treatment of coronary arteries.

The Med Alliance technology includes unique micro-reservoirs made from biodegradable polymer intermixed with the anti-restenotic drug sirolimus. These micro-reservoirs provide controlled and sustained release of sirolimus, which has proved to be efficacious in both coronary and peripheral vasculatures. Med Alliance’s proprietary CAT (Cellular Adhesive Technology) enables the micro-reservoirs to be coated onto Kaneka’s PTCA balloon

“This commitment from Kaneka provides validation of our Drug-Coated Balloon technology”, said Med Alliance Chairman Jeffrey B. Jump.

“We are very fortunate to be collaborating with such a strong medical engineering and manufacturing partner who enjoys a world class reputation for quality and is the leading provider of PTCA balloons in Japan.”

The strategic agreement gives Kaneka the distribution rights for the Med Alliance DCB in Japan. Med Alliance will receive the PTCA balloons from Kaneka, coat them with its micro-reservoirs, then return them back to its strategic partner.

Founded in 2008, Med Alliance is a privately-owned medical technology company headquartered in Switzerland, with R&D facilities in Irvine, California and Singapore. It contains a team of experienced professionals focused on patient benefit, with a recognised track record of success in the conception, development and commercialisation of drug-eluting stents, balloons, polymers and drugs. The company is currently developing medical products for the treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease.

Media Contact:
Richard Kenyon